Analytical Tools and methodologies

The following resources provides links to analytical tools and methodologies that are available for use both at a local level and also for national use.

The Network for Public Health Observatories have produced information, data and intelligence on people's health and health care for practitioners, policy makers and the wider community. This high quality public health intelligence is central to both local and central government health policy and decision-making. As well as display tools to support decision-making, there are also technical tools that allow the calculation of common public health methods, including SPC funnel plots, directly standardised rates, confidence intervals and life expectancy calculations.

Tools and data produced by the Network are available here: National Analytical tools

Methodology support for public health analysis

The Network of Public Health Observatories technical briefings
The Network has published a series of Technical Briefings. The briefings are intended to be practical, "how to" guides, designed to support health practitioners and analysts, and to promote the use of public health intelligence in decision making.

The Good Indicator Guide
The guide is intended to be a short, practical resource for anyone in any health system who is responsible for using indicators to monitor and improve performance, systems or outcomes.

South East specific Analytical Display Tools

Physical Activity Programme map in the South East
The Physical activity programme map for the South East is an interactive map of physical activity programmes running in each local authority in the South East. The map was first published in January 2011. You can use the map to find the location, by local authority area, of large-scale physical activity programmes and services. The map is designed for commissioners and practitioners working in the public, private and voluntary physical activity sectors.

South East England Indicator Tool (SEEIT)
SEEIT, The South East England Indicator Tool, is an interactive tool produced by the Department of Health South East which combines trend data for a range of National Indicators and Vital Signs with short-term projections and LAA trajectories and NHS Operating Plans for all Local Authorities and Primary Care Trusts in South East England.